Hi 👋 I’m

Tosar Das Shuvo

working as a Product Manager to make B2B, eCommerce, SaaS, AgroTech, and Supply Chain businesses scalable and streamlined. since 2021.

What i do

I Help to build a product from Root for my Clients!

Product Management

with the entire lifecycle of a product, from ideation to development to go to market.

Startup Consultant

evaluates all the project requirements and plans a strategy for effective management.

UX Design

building products that are easy and enjoyable for people to use.

25k+ users countrywide use our products

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About us

Tell the Story About Your Mighty Endeavors

The more you tell about your service or project, the easier your clients’ decision will be.

Problem Solving

I try to solve any problem with one line in mind. That is, ‘Keep it simple’. I try to make my assigned product intuitively solve any difficult problem.

30+ clients

Worldwide company

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My Most Important Numbers

I have worked with many local and foreign startups in my career, as well as my own small ventures.
As a freelancer, digital marketer, web designer, product manager, trainer, and consultant


Hours of experience


Recent growth

My Working Process

User Research

“First, I find out who the real customers are for my product, list them, and list their requirements.”

UI Design

Keeping in mind the feedback from users and clients, I shared my BRD and warframe with my design team to complete the design in Figma.

User Flow

Next, I prepare for what our user flow might be with I also prepared a BRD with it.

Usability Testing & UX

Now I test this prototype by giving it my user to use it. If there is any feedback, design the UX and finalize the UI Design by UAT.


After preparing the user flow, I sketch and prepare a warframe and present it to basic users and clients separately.

Ready for Development

Now with the final UI, I meet with the CTO and handover to him to develop the product.

Brands as I have ever worked with

15+ Partners Worldwide

Have A Price For Every Plan Out There

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Best for casual use

Product Review

Design System Review

Upto 1-3 Page Redesign Proposal*



For promising users

User and Stakeholder Interview

Usability Testing

Product Review

User Journey Mapping



For business users

Custom Support

Here are some frequently asked questions

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What does a product manager do?

A product manager is responsible for the strategy, development, and launch of a product. They work closely with cross-functional teams, gather user feedback, prioritize features, and ensure the product meets customer needs and business objectives.

How do you prioritize features or requirements?

Prioritizing features involves considering factors such as customer needs, market demand, business goals, technical feasibility, and resource constraints. Product managers typically use techniques like user research, data analysis, stakeholder input, and prioritization frameworks (e.g., MoSCoW, Kano) to determine which features or requirements should be tackled first.

How do you gather customer feedback?

Product managers employ various methods to gather customer feedback, including user interviews, surveys, usability testing, and data analysis. They engage with customers to understand their pain points, preferences, and desires, enabling them to make informed decisions and improve the product based on user insights.

How do you define success for a product?

Success for a product can be defined through different metrics depending on the goals and context. Common metrics include user adoption and engagement, revenue or profitability, customer satisfaction, market share, and retention. Product managers collaborate with stakeholders to define measurable objectives and track progress towards achieving them.

How do you manage competing priorities and stakeholders?

Managing competing priorities and stakeholders involves effective communication, negotiation, and decision-making skills. Product managers must align diverse perspectives and interests, prioritize based on strategic goals, and clearly communicate trade-offs. Building strong relationships and fostering collaboration among teams and stakeholders is crucial for successful product management.